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Choosing a Auto Repair Shop

Bill Bernick - 2014
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Finding the Best Auto Repair Shops

When your vehicle needs some TLC, whether it is routine maintenance or repair, what auto repair shop do you call? How do you know who is the best at what they do? Do they understand your vehicle inside and out? How much experience do they have? This guide will quickly give you some insight in what to look for in a trustworthy auto repair shop.

  1. Ask around. Check out the auto repair shop’s reputation. What are others saying about the place? Do they give you a good deal for your hard-earned money or do they try to swindle their customers out of every penny? Check online sources as well as word of mouth. Social media can also be a great tool for this.
  2. Look for the auto repair shop’s affiliations and certifications. Check the BBB or AAA for ratings and certification and check to see whether mechanics are ASE certified or comparable certification. They have done the work for you.
  3. Meet the mechanic. Does he sound professional? Look around the shop. Does it strike you as clean and organized or a complete mess? As a rule of thumb, businesses that value what they do will keep an orderly manner, even a repair shop. Is the mechanic friendly, willing to shake your hand and have a quick chat about the problem? Is he willing to show you the problem?
  4. Is the auto repair shop qualified to service foreign cars? If you have a European car, you will want to take it to someone who knows European cars well. Don’t waste your money on someone who doesn’t.
  5. Lastly, go with your gut. If you have some sort of a hang-up about a place, keep moving. Many times we will avoid problems if we just listen to that voice inside our head. You need to have reassurance that your investment is in the best hands.
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Fifth Gear Automotive specializes in auto Service and auto repair. We service all makes and models-both domestic and import. We specialize in German auto repair including BMW, VW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi. We support all other domestic and European brands including Volvo, Saab, Jaguar, Land Rover and most other popular European marques. Stop by our Auto Repair Lewisville TX today!

We handle auto repair Lewisville TX on any make and model!

We specialize in selling pre-owned Porsche motorcars. We also offer a buying service that allows you to specify exactly what you would like and we will find that car for you. We will work with you on your trade in as well. We do this while eliminating the normal hassle of finding and purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

We have ASE certified technicians and who have over 100 years of European, Import and Domestic experience and we have one goal: Complete Customer Satisfaction on all auto repair.

We carry a full line of Red Line products, Royal Purple products and Motul Brake fluid.

Let us show you our auto repair shop is the right fit for you.