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Here’s Everything You Need to Watch Le Mans This Weekend

Brad Hayes - 2016
Who’s pumped for the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans race? Well, us obviously, but in case you didn’t know, this year’s iconic race at Ciruit de la Sarthe has been generating even more excitement than usual. Perhaps the biggest reason for all the buzz surrounding this year’s race is the Ford GT’s highly anticipated return to Le Mans – exactly fifty years after the original GT40 swept the podium in spectacular upset fashion in 1966 to steal Ferrari’s crown. On top of that, the field has been expanded to a full 60 cars this year, among which Porsche will attempt to defend its title from rival Audi and secure a second consecutive win in the LMP1-class 919 Hybrid.

To assist in soaking up as much Le Mans excitement as possible, we’ve compiled all the critical information and helpful resources you might need including a handy spotter’s guide, TV listings, related links, and an excellent video about the back-story behind how the original Ford GT40 was as much an act of revenge as it was a race car – built solely to exercise Ford’s vendetta against then-dominant Ferrari.

You can find the 2016 Le Mans Spotter’s Guide pictured below, courtesy of SpotterGuides.com (credit: graphic design by Andy Blackmore Design).

(Click the images to open large version in a new tab)

For the full 24 hours worth of TV coverage by FOX Sports, click here for the TV listing schedule. The race will also be broadcast live in-full by numerous online streaming sources which you can find easily just by doing a quick Google search for “24 hours of le mans 2016 live stream.”

For race info, news, and more on this year’s 84th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, here’s a link to the official page on the FIA’s World Endurance Series Championship series website.

As previously mentioned, be sure to watch the excellent video at this link for more on the origin and lore behind the original Ford GT40. Even if you’ve heard the story before, it’s well worth a watch. Or six.

As for the new Ford GT Le Mans car, you can learn more about it, see specs, and check out additional pictures of the car here.

How do you think the new Ford GT LM GTE Pro car will do in the race? Will Porsche be able to repeat its performance from last year in the 919 Hybrid LMP1 cars? Don’t forget to post your predictions in the comments below. Enjoy the race!


Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Replacement Body Parts Installed Here!

Brad Hayes - 2016
Yes, we do install fiberglass!

Take this Porsche 911 for example. We just installed a paint-matched GT Racing fiberglass GT2-style rear deck lid and adjustable wing on our customer's '01 996 Turbo and we don't mind saying that it looks fantastic!

If you are looking to upgrade your Porsche with lightweight fiberglass or carbon fiber body pieces, or simply want to change up the look of the car, give us a call today at 972-317-4005 to check out what options are available. To see the full line of beautifully crafted pieces from the folks at GT Racing, check out the GT Racing website here.


2015 Holiday Charity Drive - Donate Here!

Brad Hayes - 2015
Donate Here this Holiday Season to Help the CAC!

This year as part of our annual Holiday Charity Drive, we will be accepting donations on behalf of the Children's Advocacy Center of Denton County. Whenever you come in this month, don't forget to bring along one of the items listed here to help the CAC continue their incredible non-profit work of providing aid, safety, and justice for abused children here in Denton County.

(Click image to view larger version)

For more information on what you can donate, please click here to see their full wishlist.


VIDEO: Borla Exhaust Sound vs. Stock

Brad Hayes - 2015

We installed a Borla cat-back system on this Porsche Boxster for a customer so we took some quick shots of what the car sounds like before and after.

Which one do you prefer?


Does stop leak work?

Brad Hayes - 2015

Short answer: 

We are often asked by our customers if any of the myriad "mechanic in a bottle" leak stoppers are a viable option for repairing leaking head gaskets, leaking radiators, and various other engine leaks and maladies. There are hundreds of these snake oils on the market, each of them promising the moon for just a couple of dollars.


We always strongly advise against using them, and you can easily see why in these photos we took of the effects of stop leak in this Porsche Boxster engine. What could have been solved with a relatively straightforward and painless head gasket replacement quickly turned into the nightmare you see below. That $10 bottle of stop leak turned into hundreds of dollars in labor to clean up the mess it created.


(Click images to view full size versions in new tab.)

If your engine or related components are leaking, save yourself the headache and give us a call at 972-317-4005 to have that leak diagnosed and repaired correctly, with a full 2-year/24,000 mile warranty to back it up.


VIDEO: In-Car Footage of our Late-Night Tracktivities

Brad Hayes - 2015

As promised, we just uploaded a new video from one of our September 
WRL races featuring our own Rick Jordan as he helms the #87 Porsche Boxster endurance car for the initial shift of the race. Oh yeah, and it was also at night.

Our 2016 season with the World Racing League begins anew in February when our Boxster takes to the grid at Circuit of the Americas for the first time for some more #RaceWRL excitement! See you then!



Porsche Panamera - All this to change the air filter?

Brad Hayes - 2015

Changing a car's engine air filter is one the most basic and inexpensive maintenance items that should be done regularly to keep an engine running like it should. A dirty or clogged air filter can result in strained engine performance and reduced fuel mileage. In most cases, changing an engine air filter is a fairly simple procedure that many people can (and often do) choose to perform themselves. Most cases, but not all... 

Enter: the Porsche Panamera.

How much labor time can you expect for a mechanic to replace the engine air filter in a Panamera? The "book time" for this job is a whopping 4 hours, which sounds unbelievable until you see just how much work is involved. To replace the air filter on a Porsche Panamera, the entire front fascia of the car - headlight assemblies, side markers, bumper cover, all of it... has to be removed in order to access the air filter housing. This is also the perfect time to inspect and clean the radiator of any exterior blockages and debris, which is included as standard any time we do one of these. Check out the photos below to see what all goes into replacing the air filter on a 2011 3.6 V6 Porsche Panamera.

(Click Images to open larger versions in new tab)


Just another day at the office.

Brad Hayes - 2015
Which car would you rather have from our latest Instagram post? - A Porsche Cayman S with carbon-fiber aero and trim, or a timeless Euro-spec Porsche 928S with its ruckus of a V8, both in black and looking business-like.

For even more Porsche, motorsport, and general automotive-related hotness, follow us on IG @fifth_gear_automotive.


Fifth Gear's Unsung Hero

Brad Hayes - 2015

On our way to the track the other day, the odometer in our F-350 recorded its 400,000th mile and is still going as strong as ever. It's well-established that Ford's 7.3L turbo-diesel V8 is one of the best engines ever fitted to a work truck, and this is yet another testament to that engine's legendary longevity and reliability.

We want to celebrate this milestone today by featuring not another racer or high-end sports car, but rather the ever-faithful workhorse that is our shop truck. It gets us and everything we ask it to haul to whatever track or distant destination we want to go, and back home again without incident. Normally the track cars and hot rods get all the glory, so today we recognize the truck that works tirelessly behind the scenes day-in and day-out, stoically performing its duty so that we can do all the fun stuff. Thanks big guy.

Here's to the next 400,000 miles!


Fifth Gear Motorsports #87 Porsche Boxster in Grassroots Motorsports Magazine!

Brad Hayes - 2015

Click image to view larger version

If you were thumbing through the October issue of 
Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, you may have spied a familiar Boxster endurance car in one of the photos adorning their excellent feature spread on up-and-coming endurance racing series', including the World Racing League.

If you missed it, grab an issue and turn to pg. 74 to check it out (available at fine newsstands and bookstores everywhere).

Grassroots Motorsports: October 2015 - Vol. 32, Num. 6, pg. 74

#RaceWRL #Tracktivities

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